Starting and changing schools 

Starting School

Starting school is a big event in the lives of young children and their parents and we want you to be reassured that your children are settled and happy.

  • During the Summer Term prior to your child starting school there will be an induction evening for you to meet the teachers and look around the school.
  • Mrs Fox, our senior teacher, visits the children in the nursery setting they are attending prior to beginning school to meet  the children and talk to their nursery practitioners.

We have a phased induction period for children to accustom themselves to their surroundings and school routines and meet the adults who will be working with them. The induction period is organised like this:-

  • At first children attend either mornings or afternoons in small groups 
  • The groups are then introduced to each other and all the children attend for mornings only 
  • Towards the end of the induction period children stay for lunch after which they go home
  • You are invited to attend an initial consultation appointment  to discuss how your child is settling at school

Transition to Junior School

Most of our pupils move on to Lacey Gardens Junior School which is on the adjoining site. 

During the summer term the two schools organise lots of activities to make sure the transition is simple and stress free.

Some of the things organised are:-

  • An open afternoon for new parents to look round the Lacey Gardens Junior School and meet their child`s new teacher.
  • A ‘potted sports’ afternoon for the Year 2 and 3 children, with activities on our Lacey Gardens School field.
  • Year 2 children spend time with their Year 3 teacher in their new classroom.
  • Children share lunchtimes.
  • The teachers from Year 2 and Year 3 meet with each other to talk about children’s needs, progress and achievements.
  • The teachers from Year 3 visit the children while they are in their Year 2 classes so that the children become familiar with them.
  • In order to familiarise Year 2 with Lacey Gardens School, a passport and treasure hunt takes place.