Where places permit, children may be admitted to the Nursery at the start of the term following the child’s 3rd birthday and will be offered a morning or afternoon place taking parental preference into consideration when possible.

When the number of applications for nursery places exceeds the number of places available, the school’s Governing Body will apply the Lincolnshire County Council policy using the following criteria when allocating places for admission to the nursery and for the operation of the reserve list. For the full policy and legal definitions, please see Lincolnshire County Council’s publication ‘Going to School in Lincolnshire’.

  1. Recognised professional opinion showing that circumstances present a particularly strong case for admitting a child. (This criterion will apply to a maximum of 10% of places). Applications from priority cases should be submitted with supporting evidence from a doctor, Social Worker or other relavent professional
  2. Medical reasons why the school or class is most suitable (for example, wheelchair access)
  3. Brother or sister already attending either the Infant or Junior School
  4. Convenience of access, including:
    • Distance of the child’s home from the school
    • Whether there is another school or class the child can go to which is as easy to get to
    • The route from the child’s home to the school or class

This means that in most cases, children living close to the school will be given a higher priority than those living further away.

Parents of children starting Nursery and Reception classes are invited to a welcome meetings which gives them the opportunity to meet the Head Teacher, Staff, Governors and Home School Association members and find out more about their child’s first few months at school. 


Children whose 5th birthday falls on or after 1st September are admitted into the Reception year in the main school from the start of the Autumn term. During the first half term an induction programme is planned which enables the children to feel secure, confident and able to adapt to the longer school day.

Lincolnshire residents can apply for a school place online at, by telephone on 01522 782030 or by phoning and requesting a paper application. 

In accordance with legislation the allocation of places for children with the following will take place first; Statement of Special Educational Needs (Education Act 1996) or Education, Health Care Plan (Children and Families Act 2014) where the school is named. The County Council will then allocate remaining places in accordance with their policy. (Please follow the link below). 

For entry into Reception in September, Lincolnshire County Council will allocate places to parents who have made an application before considering any parent who has not made one.

Attending our Nursery does not give priority within the oversubscription criteria for a place in our school. 

The oversubscription criteria are listed in the order below:
A. Looked after children and all previously looked after children.
B. A brother or sister attending the school at the time of application, or who will be attending the school at the expected time of admission. In addition, in the case of infant schools, a brother or sister attending the associated junior school at the expected time of admission.
C. Nearest school, measured by a straight line distance. 
D. Church criterion where in operation at certain Voluntary Controlled schools.
E. Increasing order of straight line distance.

For more information, please follow the link below to take you to the Lincolnshire County Council webpage where their full admissions policy is displayed. 

Lincolnshire County Council Admissions Information.