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17 December 2018

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Newsletter 17.9.18

Week beginning 17 September 2018

Thank you for your continued support during the induction period. We hope that the children are enjoying school and are getting used to the new routines.

The children will be coming to school all day next week, unless alternative arrangements have been discussed with your child’s class teacher. They will also be staying for lunch of course which is another new experience. The sessions will run from 9.15am to 3.25pm.

In order to avoid congestion at the beginning of the sessions, we would like you to take the children to the Reception playground please. This can be found round the back of the building by following the path around the outside of the nursery and hill areas. Alternatively it can easily be accessed by coming through the Trinity Lane entrance.

The staff will come out onto the playground just before 9.15am and a whistle will be blown. This will be the signal for the children to line up with their teachers in their class lines. They have been practising this at playtime! The children will then say goodbye to you and walk into school with the teachers. We appreciate that it might take a few children longer to become comfortable with this routine. Please rest assured that there will be lots of school staff outside to help bring the children in. If you also have children in Year One or Year Two, please drop them off first.

We have a one-way system at the end of the day to ensure the absolute safety of every child. Parents/carers of children in Chicks and Hedgehogs classes should continue to come to the back doors of the classrooms via the courtyard as you have been doing. Parents/ carers of children in Ducks should come to the back doors of the classrooms via the green gate to the side of Ducks class.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

10 September 2018